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About us


We are confident in our customers!

We  are confident in our abilities, confident in our background, confident in our training and confident in our customers.

You are here because you are looking to protect your investment and though you may feel a little apprehensive, you want to make the right decision regarding your purchase and your future. And you are trusting us to give you the information you need. That means a great deal to us.


What do we bring to the table?

With over 25 years in contracting, consulting and inspection experience we are not resting on our laurels. Our inspector holds diplomas in water, fire and disaster restoration and training in education and communications as well as being a Certified Professional Inspector. While it may sound impressive, we don't know it all and we want to be better. We participate in ongoing studies and training not only to improve the quality of the product but to also improve the quality of your inspection experience.


We give a little extra.

With most inspection companies, the relationship ends when you make your payment and receive your report. Experience tells us that is not enough. Even after your purchasing decision is made, you are still processing information and questions will arise. 

Well, at HBruce, we are there for you. Just a phone call away. It could be next month or next year. It could be specific to your report or just a question for which you can't find an answer. And though we can't promise you that we will have all the answers, we will do our best to leave you satisfied.

We have even been known to drop by on invite and have a chat over a cup of tea.

We provide professional, quality service and we value our customers.

We're not bragging but....


We are InterNACHI Certified

We are InterNACHI Certified

We are InterNACHI Certified

And , yes, that does say Certified Master Inspector. It's not just a title. It's a statement of training and experience, of commitment and trust.

We are part of the largest certification group in North America that requires us to constantly add to our inspection knowledge. We have access to training videos and materials developed by leading authorities in the industry. As well as being connected to network of inspectors, educators and industry experts.


We Provide More

We are InterNACHI Certified

We are InterNACHI Certified

Visible mold inspection is a coin toss. 

We don't leave it to chance. 

With the clients acceptance we use strip testing to collect a sample of apparent fungal growth. Once collected the sample will be couriered to the lab and reports are received back within 7 business days. 


And More

We are InterNACHI Certified

And More

Older dwellings may contain asbestos, though the degree of concern varies.  The plaster used in stucco ceilings possibly has some level of asbestos. As is the case of vinyl or asphalt based floor tiles. And vermiculite attic insulation is sometimes found in older dwellings. Again, the possibility of asbestos content. 

We will guide you through the process and if needed we are able to collect samples for further lab analysis.

.... we want you to know


Offering specialty services

Offering specialty services

Offering specialty services

Going beyond what is visible to the naked eye, we use thermal imaging technology to assess key areas of possible moisture intrusion. You choose the package you want. Images of our findings will be included in your report.


Going a step further

Offering specialty services

Offering specialty services

And we offer a complete thermal imaging inspection. This is in addition to our regular high quality service. It not only addresses moisture intrusion but heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical.

Our thermal imaging equipment surpasses the international RESNET standards. 


For you, our client!

Offering specialty services

For you, our client!

There is a price to pay for quality. And we are prepared to pay that price. We feel that "good enough" is never good enough. 

We pay extra for superior quality equipment, resources and an increased level of training. We do this to provide you a professional quality product at a competitive cost. 

No nonsense. That's our promise!


His thoroughness and attention to detail saved me over a thousand dollars in unexpected repairs I would have inherited. Don’t buy a home before Bruce gives it the once over.  A smart investment.

D. C., Shamrock Properties.

I just moved. And with no family close to look at the property I was nervous. Bruce took care of my concerns and saved me money.


Bruce took the time to explain his findings in a way that we understood. Having the right inspector made the difference.


My career has me moving quite a bit. This was my fourth move and my fourth home inspection. I just wish Bruce had been there for the others. The best by far.


I was offered a great price on a private sale. We knew it was a fixer upper but I'm a carpenter. I didn't think it would be a problem. My wife insisted that we have it inspected. Bruce identified problems that I hadn't noticed. Saved us from making a big mistake. 


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If you are looking for a home inspection in Grand Falls-Windsor or a home inspection in Gander, or anywhere in Central or Eastern Newfoundland, then we want to hear from you! 

You may be only at the inquiry stage.

We are cool with that. We will provide you with the information you require to make a quality educated decision.

No strong arm tactics. Just friendly courteous  service.

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